Coming back up for air…

Finals are finally over and I am back home once again! I spent Friday night and Saturday morning with my lovely aunts and their daughters in upstate New York and then flew back home Saturday evening. All and all an uneventful evening.

One thing that is eventful is my best friend’s upcoming wedding shower, which is this Saturday. I gave her the option of picking the theme by sending her these two polyvore collages:

She obviously is awesome cause she chose the first one. I’m planning spicy, girly, and fun with just a kick of naughty. I’ve put the rest of the info under the cut, because I know she reads this and I want to keep it a secret.

Some of the games I have planned are:

  • Two truths and a lie
  • Trivia about the groom
  • What’s in your purse
  • Toilet paper story telling game
  • Paper bag peek-a-boo: Place all the guests in a circle. Have them place paper bags over their heads. Instruct them to remove everything they’re wearing that is not absolutely necessary. The person with the most items off in two minutes wins the prize. When guests begin to remove all kinds of clothing items without realizing you can remove the paper bag, too. All guests that figure this one out before the end of two minutes win a prize.
  • The worst chore: The chore is then replaced with the word “sex” and reread aloud. They then end up with . . . “I hate sex because (the reason they hate their chore)”

For food I’m doing tacos al pastor with tostones, jicama-melon salad, guacamole con frutas, mango salsa and coconut tres leches cake. I’m thinking mocktails for drinks, since the bride doesn’t drink. I want to have one each of a green drink, a orange drink and a pink drink. The current plan is virgin margaritas, safe sex on the beach, and a spring-y punch that I want to make up a cute name for.

The boy was super duper sweet and offered to help me cook and set up since “she’s my friend too and I want to do something even if I can’t be there.” I’m going shopping tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to post back the goodies.

On a side note, the boy is in the process of packing up his dorm room forever and was faced with the dilemma of shipping his old plastic plates home or just getting rid of them, as the next time he will be back at school, he will have an apartment and will need more than just 1 dinner plate and a mis-matching set of bowls. So we were on the phone last night and he told me that it wasn’t worth keeping them since when we are planning on moving in together next summer (!!!!! so excited !!!!!) and I’d want to get a whole new set that matched and was my own.

He officially knows me better than anything and it made me fall in love with him even more.

We also may or may not have spent 3 hours on the phone and on skype lusting after modern furniture we can’t afford.


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