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Surprise sneaky post!

April 30, 2009

If you’ve found your way to this little Easter egg (or more properly, birthday present), congratulations!

Now comes the part where I gush about the boy, also known as S, well, because I can. You see, today is his 21st birthday and we’ve been through rather a lot together. As I’ve already told someone else’s love story, I suppose it’s now time for my love story. I met the boy for the first time I remember when I was 13, though our parents were friendly during the toddler ages of our lives, so I’m sure we met then. He had just broken up with one of my best friends and was about to start dating another, and I was on spring break and just wanted to meet up with friends at the park for a game of British bulldog. Terribly romantic, I know.

Over the following summer, we struck up a friendship that by December had turned into late night phone conversations. I love the preparations for Christmas, if only because they remind me of slowly realizing that I liked this boy enough to talk to him for eight hours straight. To make a long story short, on Christmas Day, 2003, we ended up on the phone until 4 in the morning, at which point we both came to our senses and decided that if we could talk all night for four nights in a row, maybe we should start dating. So we did. Our first kiss was the next day, while waiting for friends to come over for a movie night (oh, early high school dating). I remember every second of it, and it was perfect.

We’ve pretty much been inseparable since. So much of my identity is tied up in our history; I’m sure I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. We learned to drive together, took SAT prep courses together, even visited colleges together, three short years ago. We now live about two hours apart when on our campuses, though over the past year we’ve lived on three different continents between the two of us, and almost never at the same time. I’m immensely proud of how strong our relationship has been through all of this.

In a very short and very busy few weeks I’ll be back in the States, back in Texas for two days and then promptly making a several day long drive up to Boston, where we’ll be living together for the first time this summer. I couldn’t be happier or more excited about moving in together. I’ve decided, therefore, that in honor of our future, I’d give you guys out there a glimpse of our past:












So, happy birthday, my darling, my love. You are my favorite co-snuggler, ice-cream-flavor-dreamer-upper, plaintain-making-wedding-shower-setting-up-partner, ecologist, animal-lover, gamer, science-fiction-reader, tv-show-marathoner in the world. I love how passionate you are about everything you do. I love watching you wake up in the morning. I love our silly jokes together, our insane email history, our past, our present, and most of all, sharing our future. You’re my best friend in the world and there is not a single person I can imagine wanting more by my side for the rest of my life. I love you (bunches and bunches and international space stations and universes).



On a side note, the official hiatus will be over in about a month, when I’m back in the states. Until then, you’ll find my usually scheduled programming over at An American Girl in Paris.