Intro to everyone else…

I have a wide variety of people in my life, some of whom I use real names for and some of whom I use fake names for. When I originally started this blog, I was a bit scared of the big, bad internet and was going to give everyone pseudonyms. But then, I started having other friends who blogged under their real names and it just became a bit too confusing. So the new plan is to keep pseudonyms for the originals and for anyone blogging anonymously and use real names for everyone else. Complicated, I know, but you’ll get the hang of it, you smart readers you.

The Boy aka S – I’ve spent significant amounts of time to come up with a clever nickname for this person who means so much more to me than just boyfriend. We passed our 6th anniversary as a couple in December and are now living together in Boston for the first time. You can find the story of how we got together here. He works a lot in a biology research lab for BU, but he loves what he does, so I can’t exactly begrudge him it. He’s obsessed with video games and Chuck and constantly trying to drag me down with him into the pit of (further) nerdom. Oh yeah, and he lived in Kenya for a bit, which he blogged about here.

MsCrownRoyal – CR for short, another of my very best friends. The party girl and social butterfly of our little trio. She used to room with Champagne, and stayed behind to hold down the fort of our house. She’s in NoHo this summer, so I expect she’ll be up to Boston from time to time.

MademoiselleChampagne aka Champagne – One of my very best friends, a sassy lady with a love of theater and the importance of strong female characters in video games. She was with me in Paris last year and was an absolute blast to adventure with. She also makes a great model for fun fashion shoots. She’s back in Seattle with her family this summer but will be a regular feature once I’m back at school.

Alix and Jamie – Two of my main ladies from living in Paris. Both fellow Smithies, they will get separate bios as soon as I have cute individual pics of them. For some reason, they always manage to be together. Alix is a bad-ass fellow fashionista with improvisational singing talent to burn. She’s in CT for the summer and I can’t wait to hang with her. James is my fellow foodie and speaks way to many languages with way to high a level. She’s sticking to her native Jersey, but I’m hoping I can drag her to Bean-town for a girl’s night out.

TheMilitaryWife – My best friend since we were 8. She got married to her hubby, an Air Force-man, in December 2007 and is currently knocked up with my first niece. I’m pretty psyched for her and her man, who have an adorable love story I talked about here.

Wedding Pic

More to come soon… I promise. And now for some more pictures:

From left to right: MsCrownRoyal, me, MademoiselleChampagne, and TheBoy getting pastries in the North End.

Me and the boy at Halloween: I was a WASP and he was a boxer.

The Paris gang headed out for election night.


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