Intro to me…

This is a picture of me:

This is also a picture of me:

This is the way I really look 90% of the time:

Now onto the big questions:

Who are you?

Well, that’s a rather tough question. If you want very basic demographics, I’m 21, female, a student. I live in Boston, but am originally from Austin, Texas (wooooo!). I go to school in western Massachusetts at a women’s liberal arts college. I’ve been in a relationship for the last six years.

What are you into?

Food, especially of the local variety, cooking blogs, clothes (especially from J. Crew and Anthropologie with the occasional Marc thrown in), living sustainably on a student budget, trash reality TV about giant families, public health, listening to late 90s alternative rock, ironic rap and singer-songwriters, post apocalyptic novels, women’s reproductive rights, riding horses, and secretly planning my wedding to my significant other. I’m also really into TV.

What TV shows specifically?

Currently I’m getting caught up on the last seasons of Supernatural, Dollhouse, 30 Rock, The Office, SVU, and Bones. I’m also super excited for Torchwood’s new series and Glee. On heavy DVD re-watching rotation are Veronica Mars, Queer as Folk, Firefly, Buffy, and Angel.

Why is there a big giant gap in your blogging?

I’ve been blogging for the last year at AnAmericanGirlInParis about my year studying abroad. Now I’m back in the States though, so you can find me right here once again.

Why a women’s college?

Honestly, I walked on campus and it felt like home, which is most cheeseball thing to say on the planet. Seriously though, I love the kind of environment it creates between women. I’m hesitant to call myself a feminist, just because it is such a loaded term, but in my experience women’s colleges create a situation where you expect to be treated equally, you expect classes to feature women authors or artists or scientists, and you expect to have positions of power on campus and to speak out in class. I like that environment a whole hell of a lot. I love the community created by living with a bunch of women (my dorm has 69 of us and we are super-close). I love the professors and the academic discussions I have while hanging out in the hallways at 2 AM. Plus there’s the whole sisterhood of every woman who’s gone to a women’s college ever knowing what you’ve gone through, and that’s a pretty powerful thing. Plus, NoHo is pretty awesome.


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