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Spring Break Update…

March 21, 2008

So, the reason I’ve been a bit incommunicado is that I’m on (duh, duh, duh) SPRING BREAK! Now, I am not the type to go join wet t-shirt contests at MTV spring break, or even to do jello shots in dubious out of the country bars. My spring break has run a significantly more nerdy course.

The boy and I spent last weekend in Cambridge, due to a mix up regarding when his dorms opened (his spring break was last week) versus when mine closed. Long story short, we got to spend two nights in a pretty sweet hotel thanks to his wonderful parents. I’ve been to Cambridge many a time since my entire mom’s side of the family lives there, but this was my first time there for more than a day without the goal of seeing relatives.

Friday night we discovered the most amazing tapas restaurant called Small Plates. They had a pie of the day that was some sort of banana cream with chocolate and a graham cracker crust. Think a grown up version of banana pudding with nilla wafers, one of my childhood favorites. Saturday’s highlight was the Harvard Natural Science Museum, which has amazing fossils and animal specimens. The boy, who is a conservation biology major, and I, who grew up in science museums, had a lot of fun looking at the animals. Unfortunately, my camera died while we were having lunch at Bartley’s (which you absolutely must go to if you are ever in Cambridge), so I don’t have any pictures.

Sunday we went for dim sum on our way back to the boy’s and ran into the insanity that is the Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade. Now, you need to know that I am 3/4 Irish and have what is probably more than my fair share of Irish pride, thanks to my mom’s giant Irish Catholic family. However, this was insane. The entire Park Street T station was packed with people in approximately 50,000 shades of green and glitter and drunk. We’re talking open bottles of Guinness on the T. We eventually made it to dim sum and then back to the boy’s place, where I hung out and played way more Smash Bros. Brawl than any girlfriend can ever really be expected to play.

Yesterday, I made the arduous (15 hour) journey home, thanks to my mom’s immense desire to see me for what she is sure will be my last Easter at home. Now, you may say that there is no reason why getting from New England to Texas should take 15 hours, but then you would clearly not now my travel history. I have possibly the worst travel luck on the planet. I have yet to pull off getting to or from college without a hitch. Flying up to school for the first time, my plane literally caught ON FIRE in midair and had to be turned around. That is the level of my bad luck traveling.

Yesterday wasn’t so bad, I just got stuck in DFW for 3 more hours than I should have, because, get this, they couldn’t find a pilot! I eventually got home at 9, after leaving the boy’s at 6:30 am eastern time, which means 5:30 am home time.

Today, therefore, was made up mostly of dealing with stuff that my mom and I wanted to do yesterday, like running errands and figuring out the rest of the week. I don’t mind this though, because much of my mom and I’s relationship is based upon shopping trips. Every Sunday I’m home in the summer I join her in going grocery shopping and we talk. It’s fun and gets me free food!

We also went to a benefit today for the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, which had tons of delicious local food for a 10$ donation, plus great live music and a cool booksigning. Afterwards, I went to my dad’s and had dinner with my dad, my little brother and my dad’s best friend. It’s sad to say, but I much prefer my dad’s home cooking to my mom’s, if only because my dad doesn’t really understand the concept of low fat or low sodium.

And to end this post on the topic of cooking, my brother and I are going to try to make these delicious lemon curd filled cupcakes with this raspberry and lemon frosting for Easter brunch. I’ll let you know how it goes!