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Site updates…

May 21, 2009

As some of you out there may have noticed, or maybe not, there’s a shiny new banner up at the top of the page and some cool new links. I’m in the process of switching over from AnAmericanGirlinParis to blogging here again this summer. I get back to Austin June 1st and leave June 3rd to road trip across the eastern half of the US up to Boston, where I’ll be from June 6th all summer. S and I have all sorts of fun stops planned out, including several sweet roadfood places. I can’t wait to tell you all about it and to have access to S’s awesome, awesome camera. See you all in the states in 10 days!

Oh, and in other exciting news, Military Wife is preggers, which means I’m gonna have my first niece in early July. I cannot even explain my level of excitement. Belly pictures to come ASAP!


Why I’m Here…

March 7, 2008

I started my first blog with the intention of just having it be a travel blog to help me have something to write about to dip my feet into the blogosphere (as it were). But then I started going through my day narrating blog posts in my head. Lame, I know. Especially when I had no intention of actually writing a blog about anything other than going to Paris. So there I was sitting in the library at school thinking about what I would want to write, and I decided to start this blog for everyday life. Of course, so much of my day at this point has gone into setting up this blog, that I don’t really have much to write about.

My day was actually pretty boring. I’m finally getting over a cold that I got on Saturday. Midterms start next week, which pretty much tells you my work load. As my boy will be home for spring break, he and I aren’t seeing each other this weekend, so I’ve got a whole weekend to write a 6 page paper and study for two exams (bio and French).

However, as I have very few weekends that I’m at school without my boyfriend and it makes me want to have a super girly weekend with MademoiselleChampagne and CrownRoyal. I may even want to have a High School Musical marathon, as I have not seen either and have decided that it is imperative that I remedy this. A Gossip Girl marathon may also be in the works.

On a side note, please go visit this post and help me decide which bag I should get.