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The internet is crack…

April 8, 2008

I’ve decided that it has been far too long since I’ve posted. There is no real excuse for this except for that the internet is crack. I recently discovered Google Reader and it has consumed my soul. I would show you a picture of my room to illustrate what I have been living in, but it is too terrifying to show you. Instead, this is my door. Look on my flickr if you want descriptions of what everything is. It all has a story.

In honor of my internet addiction, I’ve decided to show some love to my favorite sites. Some are small personal blogs, some large editorials, but all are blogs I love. Check them out, they’re awesome.

Cooking Blogs:

101 Cookbooks – I am way jealous of how well she photographs her food.

Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit – All cupcakes, all the time. What more could you really want?

Smitten Kitchen – I can’t wait to get home this summer and start trying out some of these recipes.

Vanilla Garlic – Delicious looking recipes peppered with hilarious commentary from a fellow food snob.

Yumsugar – Food and parties in one place! Everything I love!

Health Blogs:

FitSugar – Cool health stuff.

Shopping/Decorating Blogs:

Delight – Daily deals and great gift ideas.

Oh Happy Day – Adorable stuff every day.

Oh Joy – Gorgeous pictures that light up my google reader.

Outblush – Clearly at this point you are realizing that I have a shopping problem.

Sharp Lily – Great cheap finds.

The Bag Snob – Because I enjoy lusting after things I can’t have.

Wedding/Hostessing Blogs:

Hostess with the Mostess – A hip, young Martha Stewart.

Wedding Bee – The best idea ever. A bunch of women come together to create one mass ongoing wedding blog. Be still my beating heart.

What Junebug Loves – Gorgeous inspirations.

Sustainability Blogs:

Eco Chick – Proof that being sustainable doesn’t mean giving up being stylish.

Re-Nest – Living sustainably in a very small space.

Celebrity blogs:

Jezebel – Celebrity news for smart girls.

Cool Chicks:

Girl’s Gone Child – Proof become a mother doesn’t end your “cool” period.

Metalia – See above. Also, pretty freaking hilarious

Secret Agent Josephine – Seriously amazing graphic designer and super mom. Check out her adorable etsy shop.

She Likes Purple – Me in a few years – J. Crew lover and dog fanatic with an adorable husband in Texas. Makes me be a little less homesick for the south.

The Post Apocalyptic Workout – She designed a fitness plan around surviving the apocalypse. Enough said.

Whoorl – Hair diva extraordinaire.

I hope all these links gave you some idea about me and what I’m interested in. I also have way more to talk about, but I am trying to spread it out over several days. Here’s a taste of posts to come:

Coming out of the closet…


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