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Why I’m Here…

March 7, 2008

I started my first blog with the intention of just having it be a travel blog to help me have something to write about to dip my feet into the blogosphere (as it were). But then I started going through my day narrating blog posts in my head. Lame, I know. Especially when I had no intention of actually writing a blog about anything other than going to Paris. So there I was sitting in the library at school thinking about what I would want to write, and I decided to start this blog for everyday life. Of course, so much of my day at this point has gone into setting up this blog, that I don’t really have much to write about.

My day was actually pretty boring. I’m finally getting over a cold that I got on Saturday. Midterms start next week, which pretty much tells you my work load. As my boy will be home for spring break, he and I aren’t seeing each other this weekend, so I’ve got a whole weekend to write a 6 page paper and study for two exams (bio and French).

However, as I have very few weekends that I’m at school without my boyfriend and it makes me want to have a super girly weekend with MademoiselleChampagne and CrownRoyal. I may even want to have a High School Musical marathon, as I have not seen either and have decided that it is imperative that I remedy this. A Gossip Girl marathon may also be in the works.

On a side note, please go visit this post and help me decide which bag I should get.